Gaia Farm Herbal lifestyle Where science & Traditional African medicine meet

For any drug, a plant exists that can give same effect without adverse reaction

Since 2019, Gaiafarm Herbal lifestyle has established itself as the leading grower and producer of certified Organic (COG) herbs and herbal products. Nestled in forest surrounding in Ogun state, Nigeria. Gaiafarm is a 40hectare farmland in Nigeria. We cultivate over 200 cashew nut tree, 50 orange trees while the medicinal herbs grow all around the farmland.

So, we forage for these herbs growing freely on the farmland. We research and analysis for correct harvest time, which is done late in the raining season.
With our traditional plant medicine, we extract a plant’s entire range of beneficial Phyto chemistries, from its roots, stem and leaves, the resulting product retains the beneficial chemistry identical to the original plants yet prepared to a guaranteed potency every time. We never purify or isolate any properties of the herb, but instead make herbal products that mirrors nature.

Our unique ayurvedic tea recipes is based on traditional Nigerian roots philosophy behind it to give it a unique herbalicious aroma. Our founder aim to foster a deeper connection between people and plant. They believe in the body innate capacity to heal when provided with the fundamental therapeutic potential of plant medicine as herbal tea.
In 2024, we want to include delivers a concentrated liquid extract in a vegetarian tincture form. The net result is a much greater health value and strength at a lower price per milligram.