Cold-water infusions, or macerations

  • Sun teas: These work best with delicate plant matter such as leaves and flowers. Use 1 cup containing a teabag, to 250ml to warm water. Place it in the sun and allow it to infuse to gather the sun’s healing energy for 4-6 hours. Strain it, & love it! Some believe this infuses the tea with masculine yang properties of the sun.
  • Lunar teas: Similar to the sun tea, only you infuse it under a full, or close to full moonlight for 4-12 hours. Don’t do this if it’s going to be freezing at night! Some believe this infuses the tea with the feminine mystical powers of the moon.
  • Refrigerator teas: Use a 1:32 herb to water ratio for your tea, and let infuse in the refrigerator overnight, or for about 12 hours. This method is best when using plants with long chain polysaccharides that could be damaged by heat.

Herbs that work well for cold infusions:

  • Mallow family herbs, marshmallow, spearmints