Things to consider when formulating herbal teas

  • Formulating herbal tea is both a science and an art. Have fun, be creative, and make effective medicine!
  • Supplements or prescriptions the client is currently on, and an adverse reaction possible with the herbs you’re considering
  • What organs are you trying to help? Are there herbs that have an affinity for that organ? What supporting organs could you use herbs for in the formula? For example, treating the skin? Consider herbs for the liver, and the large intestine
  • Attempt to create formulas that address the entire being and the symptoms needing treated. For instance, a old person with poor circulation could benefit from cinnamon, and hawthorn in their tea. Or, a hot person with excessive flatulence would benefit from a cooling carminative like peppermint
  • As always, remember to see the whole being, not just the health issue. Can you coach them on lifestyle choices? Often times a change in emotional health, diet, & exercise can be just as therapeutic as herbal therapeutics
  • You do not have to follow any strict rules. My greatest words of advice are to have fun experiment, taste it, feel it, and do it all over again!