Meeting with Practitioner

Meeting with Practitioner

Founder, Director and Herbal formulator.

Rashidat Raji-Siwoku.

Certified General Practitioner in Herbal Medicine, BSc, MSc (Pharma Science)

Her educational background includes a master’s degree qualification in Pharmaceutical Science from University of Surrey. She worked with National health service (NHS) & with big pharma company on clinical trials studies using complementary therapy based in the UK.

Trained as Certified General Practitioner in Traditional Herbal Medicine and certified by the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board. Her journey into herbal medicine as a holistic treatment stems from her personal and painful experience with using prescriptive medication to manage pains from multiple fibroids & endometriosis which resulted in unwanted side effect. This fueled our founder drive to providing an all-natural solution for everyday chronic health concern like Stress, which the WHO recommend can be with lifestyle modification. Our founder firmly believes the body has the innate capability to heal itself if given the right tools for the job i.e. that’s using plant therapeutic medicine.

Dr Akinbosola J Philip

Lagos states Traditional Medicine Board Member. BSc, MSc, Mphl(Physiology), PHD and Dip Natural Medicine.

Dr Akinbosola (along with Rashidat) is currently involved in research of Traditional Medicine practices in Nigeria, in collaboration with Lagos State traditional medicine board. The impact of our research in traditional African herbs, diet and lifestyle will help to improve the quality of life amongst Nigerians and Nigerian in diaspora.

This study will also help to facilitate educational program on infertility and chronic illness like diabetes & hypertension measures in Dark-skinned or African population.

Also Dr Akinbosola has presented at many Fertility & chronic health Symposium in Nigeria and in his private practice, Dr. Bayo focuses on an evidence-based approach on traditional medicinal herbs and lifestyle as well as stress management techniques to help patients optimise their health and fertility. In addition, Dr. Bayo loves practicing in an integrative care model to help patients better navigate what can be a challenging and confusing situation.

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