Soup Mix 1

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African serpent wood, in the Yoruba language called Ewe Asofeyeja, combined with other potent alkaline herbs like the Guave leaves. Widely used to treat stress-induced hypertension, and as a sedative to calm you. This particular soup mix ONLY available in LOOSE tea leaves, it includes leaves, roots and bark that have to be cooked. This customised soup mix helps to ease and tend away an blues, anxiety, irritability, mental exhaustion and treat hypertension. For hypertension treatment , kindly send any email to [email protected]
Excellent liver tonic and cholesterol care used for treating hypertension and bad cholesterol issue.
The tea blend is for 8 week, for treatment 1 sachet makes 500ml of tincture to be stored in the fridge to drink for 5 days morning and evening.


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