Soup Mix 3

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African fertility leaf, in the Yoruba language Ewe A koko. This evergreen leaves in the Yoruba land is regarded as a royal plant. Its leaves are used for the blessing and coronation of kings.
Every woman from the age of 30yrs should become familiar with this wonderful plant. Take a glassful in the morning and evening. This particular soup mix is ONLY available in LOOSE tea leaves, it includes leaves, roots, and bark that have to be cooked. This customized soup mix helps radiate the beauty & complexity of women as the mothers of the cosmos. It brings clarity when all is frantic
An excellent tea for scanty menstruations, irregular menstruation, painful periods, discoloration of menses, and other gynecological symptoms like hot flushes.

This tea blend is 2 months’ supply. When used for the treatment of the above issues mentioned. In the box 1 sachet makes 500ml of tincture to be stored in the fridge for 5 days, to be consumed twice a day


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